Kelebekler Vadisi

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Kelebekler Vadisi, also known as Butterfly Valley, is a remote valley south of the port town Fethiye, Muğla province, Turkey. It offers travelers a chance to do volunteer work in exchange for food, shelter and a great time. The work can be anything from gardening to bartending.

Hitching In

There are 2 ways to reach the valley.

  • The most common one is by boat. During the summer season there will be boats leaving Ölüdeniz 3 times a day. At other times they will only go when the weather permits it and when hired.
  • An alternative way of reaching the valley is to climb down the mountain. The cliffs are a bit step but the trail is very easy to follow and offers a safe way down.

To get to the mountains you should first walk along the road to Ölüdeniz there you will be picked up in no time. You can ask for rides to Butterfly Valley and most people will understand you, in case they don't say Faralya. This is the village located on top of the valley and also where the trail down the mountain begins. Keep in mind that Faralya is officially named "Uzunyurt", so better look for that on official traffic signs.

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