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<map lat='40.867574213025414' lng='26.62982940673828' zoom='12' view='0' float='right'/>

Keşan is a city in northwestern Turkey, about 30 km away from Greek border. It’s located on the important crossroad of highways D550/E87 (N), D550/E87/E90 (S), D110/E90 (W), D110/E84 (E).

Hitchhiking out

When hitching north, west, and east thumbing at the large roundabout at the crossroad of four major roads seem best as there are also traffic lights around the roundabout. However when hitching south, it’s best to move a few km further south from the roundabout as some of the vehicles enter the city (which has its entrance south of the roundabout) and you’ll miss some southbound traffic originating from Keşan there.

East towards Tekirdağ, Istanbul E 84

It’s no problem to attract a ride at the roundabout.

North towards Uzunköprü, Edirne, Bulgaria E 87

At Keşan roundabout, you can even be offered a ride by a truck driver going all the way north to Ukraine!

West towards İpsala, Greece E 90

South towards Gelibolu, Çanakkale E 87 E 90

The highway D550 towards south passes by the city for about 1 km. There are traffic lights at one of the junctions which a connecting road to the city centre. About 100 mt down the road is a good spot, though it may take a while (30-40 min) to attract a ride.