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Gelibolu, also known as Gallipoli, is a town in Çanakkale Province, Turkey, on the northern banks of the Straits of Dardanelles. There are ferries from here to Lapseki and Çardak, which are located on Asia, across the Straits.

Ferries have a flat fare, i.e. not dependent on how many people are riding in the vehicle, so you –as a pessenger- don’t have to pay anything here. If the vehicle that brought you into Gelibolu isn’t already getting into the ferry, try to persuade a driver on the ferry queue.

There are also ferries between Eceabat or Kilitbahir (European side) and Çanakkale (Asian side) further south on the road (about 40-50 km from Gelibolu).

Hitchhiking out

North towards Keşan

Hitching north from Gelibolu is easy, as there are many cars and trucks getting off the ferries from Asia. Just walk out of the town via the narrow alley in front of the ferry jetty (or follow the traffic flow) until where the alley widens and changes into a boulevard. It takes no more than 30 minutes to attract a ride and you don't even have to walk all the way to the main highway (D550/E87/E90), which bypasses the town a few km away.