Hook of Holland

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Hook of Holland
<map lat='51.92' lng='4.452' zoom='12' view='3'/>
Flag of Netherlands
Flag Zuid Holland.png
Zuid Holland
Population: 9.382 (2008)
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Hook of Holland is a city in the Netherlands.

Hitchhiking out


The ferry terminal is a great spot to hitchhike from when leaving the city. Many drivers are going far, possibly even as far as Eastern Europe or even further. The truck terminal is a bit further down the road too. If you're trying at the car terminal, you can stand perfectly on the train crossing as there is construction going on.

Inform yourself about the ferry arrival times on the Stena Line website. It takes time to unload all cars, expect roughly one per minute.

Hitchhiking in

There is a metro station (Hoek van Holland haven) right next to the ferry terminal, which is easily reachable from Rotterdam central station.

You stand a slight chance of finding drivers on the A20 coming from the direction of Gouda, but most of them will be going into Rotterdam itself.

Accommodation and Sleep

Any kind of hotel / hostel / whatever will be insanely expensive here as they're mostly used by commercial drivers who have businesses paying for them. It's a small town, so wild camping should be easily possible on the outskirts which you can reach on foot. However, bushes make it hard to camp inside city parks as well as sand on the ground preventing you from properly pitching some tents.

There were people drifting their cars in the industrial area and I heard gunshots shortly after midnight to the North of the town.

Much more advisable to sleep in Rotterdam and come here early in the morning if catching a ferry!