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Here we start with the process of thinking about where the European Hitchgathering 2023 could take place.

Location Suggestions

Svullrya, Norway

We are invited by some friendly local farmers to have the gathering on their property next to Rotna River outside of Svullrya, Norway, about 130km northeast of Oslo.

The actual spot we would camp at is right next to the river away from any human habitation. There is a dry toilet the Corps of Hitchgathering Pioneers built two years ago, a couple of tables with benches, and a whole lot of forest around. The river water is drinkable, and there is a floaty platform off-shore to use for all our weird jumping stuff. There is a dumpster in Svullrya, but the shop is quite small, so we would also need to send missions to Kirkenaer (26km) and Kongsvinger (40km) where food is plentiful. The potential hosts have asked us about two things: One would be to dig out the firepit to make it safe (about two hours' work for three or four dedicated people... I know we're a lazy bunch, but that might be doable), and the other would be that we dispose of our own trash. Which goes without saying.