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Tonight 22/11/2023 many people talked on the hitchwiki matrix group chat and we came to a decision to do this new year's gathering in a nice cabin in Switzerland were already few winter gatherings happened in the last years.


Probably between the 26th december and early january, it more depends on if people wanna come around the 23th december or more around the 28th december for example, and if people feel like staying few days after the 31th december or feel like stay a week or two more, can't say.

Probably people will give updates here and on the mailing list and on the matrix/signal group.


Hotel d'Italie Cabin, Switzerland (Jura)

There are tons of cabins in this area, it's rather unique and very nice to walk around. They are maintained by the local commune so the they are stay in a good state. Locals sometimes go there to eat fondue or party, but rarely stay more than a night even on NYE where it might be packed. There is always at least some wood storage and it's very easy to pick up and dry some if not enough.

  • no toilets
  • water probably from a cistern, might need to be boiled; next tap water about 3-4km
  • no electricity, next place to charge 3-4km
  • other people might show up (especcially during NYE)
  • quite big sleeping place, rather small communial room with oven

How to get there

The closest main roads are Route de France (Swiss side) with about 5km walking and Route de Jura (French side) with 4km.

location :

nearby towns:

Chapelle-des-Bois (4km), France, small shop

Bois-d'Amont, France (5,5km), France, medium supermarket

Les Rousses, France (20km), France, big supermarket, dumpster diving

What to bring

The Cabin is more or less 1400m high, I checked the weather and it should be around -3/3°C by day and -10/0°C by night. We'll be in a nice Cabin with a stove so it should be pretty warm inside, but the first floor who is the sleeping area is colder than the ground floor.

Food : Food is expensive in Switzerland. There is a small shop in the next french Village (expensive, but cheaper that Switzerland). To the next cheaper supermarket it's about 20km + long walk to the road. So best is to bring as much as you can.

Personal stuff : your personal medication if needed Sleeping : mat, a good sleeping bag Cooking : knife, bowl/plate, fork, spoon Hygiene : you can figure it out, just there is no sink so no way to get rid of our grey water except by dumping it around

Collective stuff : Cooking : big pots, chopping board, bucket or a small basin to dishwash, spices, oils, nuts, dry food, fruits/veggies, etc... to cut wood : saw? machette? axe? billhook?

Random: Candles, power bank, booze, water filter, games, instruments,


If you want to pick up some Hitchwiki/Hitchgathering/Trustroots stickers check Stickers

What to do

  • playing games
  • organising hitchhiking matters (2024)
  • workshops
  • hiking (there are great hiking trails in that area)

When are you coming?

Just a proposition so people may have a better idea who is gonna be there or how many people are gonna be there, can be anonymous too

flavorpeach : i should arrive the 27th or 28th december and staying as long as I feel like it ( I'll bring a big pot for cooking )

anonymous: i might also arrive around the 27th, maybe earlier, and stay as long as i want

Mrmagicmax: If I'm coming, it will be on the 30th or even later.

tuls3235 : I could arrive in the beginning of January, if people choose to move the beginning here.

Yogisatori : I could also arrive in the beginning of January, maybe even something like 1st or 2nd January - would be good to know if some of you may still be there for some days beginning of January

Eugene: Maybe comming the 26/27/28th, depending how lucky my hitchhiking is. I hitchhike from Aalborg, DK, so I will probably need a sleeppover on the way in Germany.