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Fv17 is a road in Norway running approx. 650km from Steinkjer to Bodø. It is also known as the Kystriksveien or the Coastal Route.

General Info

Hitching the Kystriksveien can be a great way to see the northern coast of norway and/or approach the North (Tromsø, Lofoten, Nordkapp).

Because it is an official ‘scenic route’, there are many tourists from within and beyond Norway specifically following the road, as well as in and out from its major attractions. This can make it very pleasant to hitch.

All the ferries following the route are free to walk on and do not require a ticket!* For detours to certain attractions, smaller private boats may charge for tickets.

  • One ferry I hitched in a car and an attendant asked how many people were riding, so potentially one ferry is pay per person in the car. Likely still free to walk on.


  • If you’re stuck in a seemingly good spot, or just bored, in more remote areas you can try to just walk along the road and see if someone picks you up.
  • The ferries are kind of like petrol stations, in the sense that you can meet people and let them get familiar with you before asking for a ride. At ferried, asking for rides directly is probably better than standing with a sign.
  • Be aware that because of the ferries, in certain sections, traffic happens in short, right bursts. Cars may be moving very close together, making it hard for them to see you and to pull over. Take this into account when finding a hitch spot.
  • If you are buying food, Make a habit of checking where the next grocery store is. There are a couple longer sections without one.
  • At certain spots, the faster way to Bodø or other main destinations is not via Fv17 but rather to connect to the highway E6. Be aware of this if you are intent on following Fv17, and using a sign that mentions these destinations. You can also just take these rides to where the roads split and hitch from there. This is more common earlier in the route.

Major Stops

  • Steinkjer

Road 17 technically starts at Asp, a little way out of the actual centrum, but this is the first city on the way. Catch a ride to Asp, where the road begins, and you should have an easy time hitching to Namsos and beyond. Right where the road begins there is place for the car to stop.

  • Namsos

First (small) city of the Fv17.

  • Høylandet
  • Ferry: Holm-Vennesund
  • Brønnøysund

This is the town that cars pass through or stop at on the way to Torghatten, the mountain with a hole through the middle. So it’s quite easy to catch a ride to and from Torghatten, or in and out of Brønnøysund.

  • Ferry: Horn-Åndalsvag
  • Ferry: Forvik-Tjøtta
  • Sandnessjøen
  • Ferry: Levang-Nesna
  • Ferry: Kilboghavn-Jetvik
  • Ferry: Ågskardet-Forøy
  • Halsa
  • Ørnes
  • Storvik
  • Bodø