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The Lofoten Islands are an archipelago in the north coast of Norway.

Hitchhiking here is generally easy as there is just one main road going through the archipelago, surrounded by amazing scenarios. It is possible to put up a tent almost everywhere, but there might not be enough earth, just stones. Be prepared that even if it will not get dark, there will be less cars coming.

Hitchiking out

Normally, people travelling to Lofoten, are coming from Bodø with the ferry that arrives in the little town of Moskenes. From there is possible to start hitching. The best thing to do is to hitch right after a ferry arrival as there will be much cars than usual.

In Reine, one of the most famous destinations of the archipelago, if you want to go in the directions of Leknes/Svolvaer you can hitch right before entering the village. Where the road split just follow the walk path on the right and you arrive in a view point with enough space for people to stop.

Given the fact that in Lofoten island there's just one main road, is possibile to hitchhike almost everywhere, just sticking your thumb up from where you are. People are very friendly and hitchhiking is usually pretty easy and fast.

Hitchhiking ferries

As of July 2021, you can take the ferry that goes from Bodø to Moskenes (and the one doing stops in Røst and Væroy) for free as a foot passenger. You need to register to the guy at the entrance of the ferry and then you can get in. Be careful to show up a bit before the departures (20-30 mintues) as they have a limited capacity. The ferries are operated by Torghatten Nord. If you arrive late in Moskenes, the ferry waiting room is a beautiful spot to sleep at and no one will annoy you if you leave early.


On you way in (or out if you took the ferry), take a stop in Bjervik at the crossing between the E10 and the E6 on the mainland. It's a supermarket stop town with plenty of possibilities for dumpster diving!


Francesco hitchhiked solo in Lofoten from Moskenes to Leknes and back in 2 days, doing trekkings and hitching in minor roads. His waiting times were between 0 and 30 minutes; but mostly a ride took him 10 minutes of waiting. He had an amazing time, meeting really kind and helpful people. He did this in Summer 2016.

Mila77 hitched from A i Lofoten (south end on the Lofoten Islands) to Tromsø in Summer 2005. It was quite easy though sometimes she had to wait quite long. This hitching took me almost 2 days. Be aware: bring some extra food and water, in case you get dropped off between Lødingen and Fiskefjorden. There is nothing there and I read a funny story about this track. In the old times the Swedish people wanted to go to Norway and take over the land, but they didn't think of that there was no food supply on this area, so they all died passing this way and could not take over Norway .. imagine how I felt when I realized that I got dropped off there. Fortunately some old lad picked me up who thought that my car had broken down... But it was fun and a great experience.

Nomadwiki & Trashwiki

Check Nomadwiki for info on accommodation, showers etc. or Trashwiki for dumpsters...and share your wisdom :)

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