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Fukuoka is a city in Japan.

Hitchhiking out

You can use Nexco and in particular this map to locate PA/SA around the city.

Sue PA is easily accessible through cheap public transportation. It is located 20km east of the city center at these GPS coordinates 33.587619, 130.499784. It is not a very big PA but if you are riding east, you can also stop incoming traffic. Sue PA works if you want c You can use the bus or Kashii Line and stop at Suecho Station. From Hakata Station, you will need to take Sasaguri Line and transfer at Chojabaru to access Kashii Line, It should cost you 280 yens. From Suecho station, it is a 500m walk.

Experience from user Savvyhitcher: I went there in June 2018 to go to Hiroshima starting from Fukuoka. The lady working at the Sue PA helped me make a sign in japanese. The PA is rather small and has little traffic, but within 10 minutes I had a lift with a driver offering to bring me to the next Service Area. The driver was laughing and joking as he was surprised to see a westerner hitchhiking at such as small PA. I think it is a great spot to start a journey from Fukuoka. I got to Hiroshima within the same day.

Edit 2019. I've used Sue sevice area more than 10 times and it always works, it is worth to take the bus to get there or the train. Most of the people will take you to a bigger service station (Kiyama PA south is big and Koga SA north ). Hitchhikke from the center of town is a really bad idea and doesn't really work as many people are just going to another part of town

If you want to go to SOUTH (kagoshima) or NORTH (hiroshima, kitakyushu) you should go to SUE PA. KARATSU / IMARI / ARITA it is easier to take the subway to kyudaigakkentoshi and walk to IMAJUKU road adn hitchhikke before the highway entrance

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