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<map lat='47.861' lng='8.78' zoom='14' view='0' height='300' float='right' country='Germany'/> Engen is a pretty small town in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

It's interesting for hitchhikers because next to it is a big petrol station in each direction.

It is located 15 km north of the motorway junction Autobahnkreuz Singen and it is possible to switch sides and reach the train station within 30 min. walking.

Engen belongs still to the VHB (Verkehrsverbund Hegau-Bodensee) so it is in reach for a lot of students from Konstanz or Singen within their Regional Train ticket.

To walk from the train station to the petrol station you need to ask for the road to the village Bittelbrunn or to the petrol station itself (Raststätte Hegau). It's less then half an hour walk. If you want to hitchhike south in direction to Konstanz, Singen, Switzerland, Ravensburg or Friedrichshafen you should take a little road on your left before you leave Engen. There is a sign which indicates Raststätte Hegau. To go north (direction: Stuttgart, Tübingen, Reutlingen) you need to follow the road to Bittelbrunn out of town until you crossed the Autobahn through a small tunnel. Then go left and you can enter the petrol station.

Once at the service station you can either ask people in the building or at the petrol pumps for a ride but standing at the exit with a sign and a smile usually does the job. This also means that you don't miss any of the traffic rejoining the highway. Waiting times usually don't exceed 30mins.