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<map lat='28.4963' lng='34.5' zoom='12' view='3' float='right'/> Dahab is a city on the east coast of the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt

Hitchhiking out

South to Sharm el Sheik, North to Nuweiba, Taba (border with Israel), West to St. Catherine

Hitching in any direction from Dahab requires that one reaches the national road, which is 5 kilometers out of town. It is possible to walk the entire way, going north along El Nasr street, but this can be very tiring. Hitching from the edge of the town to the national road can be done, but many drivers are wary to take someone because of the police checkpoint there. You'll get incessant interest from taxi drivers, but if you accept their services do not pay more then 10 LE for the ride.

The police officers at the checkpoint will allow you to stand alongside the road for either the north or south directions, and may even help you to get a lift. For St. Catherine, get a lift up to the next roadblock, about halfway to Nuweiba, where another national road branches off to the left.

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