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Flag of Ecuador
State: Azuay (Province)
Population: 712,127
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Cuenca is a city in southern Ecuador. It is a colonial city in the highlands, full of students and chill vibes.

Hitching out

North towards Quito

Walk or catch a bus down Av España, past the bus station and airport, to a freeway onramp on your right where the Panamericana passes over España. Don't accept a ride unless it gets you out of the city and onto the Panamericana.

West towards El Cajas, Guayaquil

Take bus number 3 (0,25$) direction Sayausi from any point across street Presidente Córdoba and get down in the last stop in Sayausi, by the road going to El Cajas / Guayaquil. Hitchhiking is very easy from there.

South towards Loja, Macara, Peru

From the town center (plaza area with Cathedral de la Inmaculada) walk south along the street named Benigno Malo, cross the river and you'll find a large street named Avenida Fray Vincente Solano. Many local buses run along this street, and, for 25 cents, route number 5 (linea 5) will take you to the southern tip of town. The no. 5 bus will travel south along Ave. Fray Vincente Solano, turn west along Avenida Don Bosco, then continue heading south along a large road named Avenida de las Americanas.

Ave. de las Americanas eventually turns into the Panamerica Hwy, and from there it's easy to start hitching.

There's one last petrol station before you get out of town which is an ideal place to wait for a ride.

Places to avoid

Overall, a very safe city.