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<map lat='35.186' lng='25.000' zoom='7' view='0' float='right'/> Crete (Greek: Κρήτη) is the largest and most populous of the Greek islands and the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean Sea.

Hitchhiking on Crete is fairly easy, mainly due to the large number of tourists.

Except the capital city Heraklion, getting out of the towns is in walking distance and one can easily find the way with regular tourist map (which can be taken in tourist offices for free).

There is a European highway which runs from east to west along the north coast of Crete. Branching off from this are other main roads heading south into the mountains. Unlike in the rest of Greece, any police you see on the road (which are rare) won't ask you to get off the highway. Where the highway is 6 lanes with a shoulder in the west of Crete it is easy to hitchhike but going east it will narrow and there will be limited shoulder space so on ramps are more useful.

Hitchhiking by standing on the road works perfectly fine.

Mileagainst spent two months in summer 2010 on Crete, travelling and hitchhiking all over the island with great success.

Blackout3 was in Crete throughout June 2014. It was already reaching temperatures of 39c some days. I would recommend focusing all of your energy on thumbing at tourists (mostly new model hatchbacks) and not waste your energy on the Greek farmers in pickup trucks or with large trucks. The west and south is also personally much more beautiful and holds less tourists (but still enough to get rides in 15 minutes)