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The Greek islands are the most beautiful and the best place to visit in Greece if you are doing camping, according to an opinion of avarage greek person. There are about 1400 islands in Greece. Hitchhiking the cars is a way easier than on mainland! Not only locals are stopping but also tourists do. Hitchhiking a boat may be possible too. Hitchhiking a ferry from mainland to an island can be difficult: usual method of asking the truckdrivers (and other drivers) is not working as they have to pay for every passenger, not just for the vehicle.

Some islands are

On Ikaria almost every driver is taking you, but they are usually not going very far and there are not many cars.

The ferry from Samos (Greece) to Kuşadası (Turkey) is a tourist passenger ferry and costs 30 Euro plus 10 Euro Turkish port tax which is a lot more than the regular Greek ferry (deck ticket) prices.


Camping on Greek islands is pretty easy and cool. It is still illegal to wild camp on the islands (because of the forest fires, campers can be one of it's reason due to a greek government) but no one cares about that, so you are free to do that. You can sleep even on the most touristic beaches no one will say nothing to you. HHer-Vert tried a different form of sleeping on the islands and had no problems with that.

Distant beaches are the best aims where to sleep, as an option: abandoned hotels also. There are a lot of trails on a different islands where you can also sleep. Just don't forget to bring enough water with you!

You can even sleep on the sun loungers during the night (it's comfortable), but you can be asked to pay for its use in the morning when beach bars open (so you just leave it before opening).

Only problem that you can get it's about a fire, be careful doing that, fires are forbidden and firefighters are pretty quick.

Of course you always can go in the camping center, paying 10-20€ per tent, but why do so?

Peculiarity of small islands

The main problem on the island can be lack of people staying there so be careful picking up a date (and time) of your travel. It's not really a thing to think about if you are staying in the big islands (as Create, or touristic ones) but when we speak about non touristic ones (as Samothraki), there it can be an issue.

Time: Not every tourist is an early bird, so there is no reason to hitchhike in the morning. If you are staying on the beach be prepared that tourists will be going out of there at the coming of the dark (7-9 p.m. according the month). So, afterwards you'll stay alone on the beach - good time for a wild overnight. The same logic works backwards: tourists come in the beach at 10-12 a.m. however they going to stay there till the evening, so it will be hard to hitchhike before that time, because there is no traffic.

Date: During the summer there is no problem with lack of people, however if you are brave enough to spend your time on tiny island out of season (winter or autumn) be prepared to be on an abandoned island with no people.

Public transport : Most of the time there is a public transport (bus) on the islands. Normally, it always late for 10-20 min. During the season it is pretty regular but out of the season, it can even stop working.