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Samothraki or Samothrace is an island of Greece at the North. This is less touristic island of Greece so if you are looking for a calm place to stay it can be a good choice. You can get there by ferry from Alexandroupolis (ticket cost 10-15€). There are a lot of good sideviews (lonely beaches, waterfalls).

Personal experience

- Summer 2018: I had one week to hitchhike whole island and I did it successfully. Hitchhiking on Samothraki is pretty easy, because it is an island (duh?): so it safe and pretty comfortable to travel there by your own. I had no problems with stopping a car (we were 2 hitchhikers): the locals and tourists were equally stopping to us, waiting was not long. Only hard thing was to hitchhiking in the morning from a distant beach - not the best idea because traffic is inverse: a lot of people going to the beach and noone from the beach. Wildcamping on the distant from the city beaches were very cool, as the waterfalls inside the island! - HHer-Vert

Accommodation and Sleep

There are some camping on that island where you can stay (one of those is even free of charge - you check it by the presence of hippies who are living there). But normally you don't need to look for a camping place because all what is needed can be found at island: there are showers on the beach near the cities; you can wild camp in every beach (it's safe) f.e. "Kypos beach" is a pretty good one for that.

Other useful info

Hitchhiking in Greece normally can be hard but that doesn't really concern islands because people there are more friendly and even other tourists who rent a car are stopping to pick you up.

The main problem on the island can be lack of people staying there so be careful picking up a date (and time) of your travel. It's not really a thing to think about if you are staying in the big islands (as Create, or touristic ones) but when we speak about non touristic ones (as Samothraki), there it can be an issue.

Time: Not every tourist is an early bird, so there is no reason to hitchhike in the morning. If you are staying on the beach be prepared that tourists will be going out of there at the coming of the dark (7-9 p.m. according the month). So, afterwards you'll stay alone on the beach - good time for a wild overnight. The same logic works backwards: tourists come in the beach at 10-12 a.m. however they going to stay there till the evening, so it will be hard to hitchhike before that time, because there is no traffic.

Date: During the summer there is no problem with lack of people, however if you are brave enough to spend your time on tiny island out of season (winter or autumn) be prepared to be on an abandoned island with no people.