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Coolgardie is a town in Australia.

<map lat="-30.95474084603" lng="121.17161810027" zoom="14" view="0" float="right" />

Hitching out

West towards Perth

The main street of town is Great Eastern Highway, a nice spot alongside this road on the western edge of town will put you by all cars and trucks heading to Perth.

East towards Kalgoorlie

Great Eastern Hwy continues directly from Perth, is the main street of Coolgardie, and carries on to Kalgoorlie. There is a Caltex Service Station in the town at which you can ask for lifts and refresh yourself, and is open later and has nicer clientele than the station on the edge of the town.

There is also plenty of space to stand by the highway out of town and thumb a lift, just after the bend on your way east towards Kalgoorlie.

South/East towards Esperance, Adelaide, Sydney

Take the Goldfields-Esperance Highway which turns off Great Eastern Highway to the right, 500m after the eastern edge of Coolgardie. Trucks and road trains heading across the Nullarbor will be going along this highway, and having slowed down to turn this might provide a good spot to catch one.

Places to Avoid

Coolgardie can be a bit of a rough town at times, just take care at night. A truck driver warned that the Eagle Roadhouse on the eastern edge of town had a rougher crew hanging around it, Caltex in town is probably a better bet.