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Sydney is a city in New South Wales, Australia.

Hitchhiking out

South-West towards Melbourne, Adelaide and Canberra via the Hume Highway

There is a detailed route description outlining the major service stations along the way on the Hume Highway page.

Option 1

Single off-peak train fare from Sydney Central = $3.40

Catch a train to Glenfield station on the Cambelltown line and from there you can either walk down the private road Roy Watts road all the way to Cambelltown road and then turn right, a option which requires you to squeeze through a hole in a fence. This private road also has "no trespassing" signs at the start of it! Otherwise just walk down Glenfield road, it takes longer but has no fences to squeeze through or high fenced private property to traverse. At the end of Glenfield road turn left on to Cambelltown road and walk up to the truckstop called 'Uncle Leo's Roadhouse'. Its about 3km walk from the train station to the roadhouse. Ask drivers at this truckstop for a ride down the Hume Fwy, and try to get a ride that will take you at least to 'Pheasants Nest' which is the next large gas station about 60 kilometres down the road.

If you get asked to leave the gas station by the Uncle Leo's Roadhouse staff, or if you prefer to just thumb it, 100m further on down Cambelltown road there is good place for cars to pull over just after the traffic lights. The road is busy here and the traffic moves fairly fast, but its easy to catch a ride.

Option 2

Single off-peak train fare from Sydney Central = $4.50

Catch a train to to Macarthur Station at the end of the Campbelltown line walk north to Narellan road and try to find a car there. If you want to increase traffic, follow Narellan Road to the intersection of Hume Hwy and try on the onramp.

Note: don't try to cut through the university from the train station directly to the intersection of Hume and Narellan - unless you are happy to climb a fence.

South towards Melbourne via the coastal Princes Highway

Option 1

Single off-peak train fare from Sydney Central = $3.40

Take a train to Heathcote station on the Illawarra line. Cross the railway bridge and walk to the highway. There is a large petrol station on your left, Caltex I think. This is the last petrol station for quite a way so lots of cars heading south stop here. If you get tired of waiting at the petrol station then walk up the highway for 5 minutes heading south - past the caravan park there is a good spot with a stopping lane, and the cars are only just coming out of 50km speed limit here.

Option 2

Single off-peak train fare from Sydney Central = $5.80

Catch a train to Dapto station on the Woolongong line. It's about a 2 hour train ride and the highway is about 200m from the station. There's a shopping centre ("Dapto Mall") on the highway near the train station, if you walk about 600m south from there you'll find a bus stop with a long line of sight for drivers to see you, and room for them to pull over.

North towards Byron Bay, Brisbane via the Pacific Highway

There is a rough description outlining the major service stations along the way on the Pacific Highway page.

Option 1

Single off-peak train fare from Sydney Central = $10.20 (Central to Hamilton station)

Catch a train to Hexham station on the Hunter line, it brings you about 200 kms north of Sydney where the Pacific Highway begins. This train journey does take 3 hours, so if you prefer to start closer to Sydney and probably hitch faster than the train would take to get to Hexham, then follow Option 2 below.

To get to Hexham catch a train on the Newscastle and Central coast line and get off at Hamilton Station to switch trains to the Hunter line for the last few stops til Hexham

Option 2

Single off-peak train fare from Sydney Central = $3.40

Catch a train to Wahroonga station on the Berowra line. Exit the station, walk south to the Pacific Highway, then turn right and walk west up the Pacific Hwy (A1) for about 600m. Just across a bridge over the Pacific Motorway you will see the onramp leading to the north down to the Motorway. Hitch at the onramp where there is a small but suitable space for cars to stop. The Pacific Motorway (M1), formally the "F3 Freeway", is the main roadway going North from Sydney, catering for a lot of traffic. There isn't a lot of time for drivers to see you and most traffic follows the double lane righthand turn from the Pacific Hwy, but even so, you shouldnt wait long for a driver to stop despite the 'no stopping' signs. If you are hitching to Gosford it should be very easy and quick to get a ride. If you want to go further north up the coast (Byron Bay etc) make sure you do not take a ride offer to Gosford, there is no northbound onramp at the Grafton offramp! Instead make sure that your ride can get you to at least the next gas station about 20kms past the first Gosford turn off, at Ourimbah or preferably Wyong on the way to Doyalson or Morisset.

Other options for getting a lift north up the M1:

Catch a train to Turramurra station ($3.40) on the Berowra line, exit the station, walk to the west about 200m and you arrive at the Pacific Highway. Cross the road and ask drivers filling up for a lift north up the M1 at the 7-eleven service station there. This is the last servo heading up the Pacific Highway (A1) before the M1.

Catch a train to Thornleigh station ($3.40) on the Hornsby line, exit the station and walk north east up Pennants Hills road (A28). There are 3 service stations and a 24 hour McDonalds in the direction of the M1 within a kilometre walk from Thornleigh station. This road services a lot of interstate and heavy traffic, and as these are the last fuel stops for anyone headed North, most people stop here. You could try asking drivers at any of these places for a lift north up the M1.

West towards Bathurst via the Great Western Highway

Catch a train to Glenbrook station ($5.80) on the Blue Mountians Line, exit the station and walk north up Ross street until you get to the Great Western Highway (about 400m). Ask drivers filling up at the Caltex service station.


It is possible to wild camp with a tent here (-33.719177, 151.109342), near the hitch spot heading north at the onramp to the Pacific Motorway (M1) (Option 2 heading north from Sydney). Directly across the Pacific Highway from the start of the onramp is a thin nature strip of forest following the Pacific Motorway. Also look parks or bushes around

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