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Flag of Switzerland
Population: 50,500
Licence plate: BE
Major roads: E 27, A5, A6
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Biel (French: Bienne) is the biggest bilingual town in Switzerland (German-/Frenchspeaking). It has 51.000 citizens and is located in the northwest of Switzerland, at the Jura-mountainchain and at the lake of Biel/Bienne. The town is famous for its watches - companies like Omega and Rolex are amongst the most important employers.

Hitchhiking out

East, South towards Bern, Thun, Interlaken, Fribourg, Burgdorf

From the main train station in Biel: Leave the trainstation through the back exit (towards lake, Nidau). There is a big COOP-Supermarket, walk to the other side of it (right through it or across the street on the right side of it). As you reach a street, turn right. After some hundred meters there is a big crossroads. Cross the street and turn left (obviously towards "Bern" - there are big green signs). After about 300m there is a BP petrol station, right before the motorway A6 starts. Hitchwiki user Cee always stands some meters before the railway lines that cross the street - there, drivers will see you from far a way and they can stop easily. Time to walk from the train station to this spot: 5min.

This higway A6 will lead right into the big motorway A1 towards Bern, Interlaken, Fribourg, Genève and there's no gasstation to get out before. But a few kilometers before Bern there is the service station Grauholz, where you can find lifts for all directions (there is a bridge!).

East, North towards Zürich, Basel, Germany

OPTION 1 From the main trainstation: Cross the town center walking towards the Jura (mountain-chain). After about 10min walking you find a main road with a lot of traffic. Turn right and follow this street, you can already try to stop cars here. There are bus stops (#1, #2) where cars have space to stop. After about 2km the motorway A5 going to Zürich and Basel starts.

OPTION 2 Take Bus #2 to "Industrie Bözingen" and get out at the stop "Renferstrasse". Walk another 300m and you're right at the entry to the motorway - perfect! Bustickets cost CHF 2.50 ("Stadtzone S").

West towards Neuchâtel, Lausanne, Geneva

Take bus #11 to Vingelz/Alfermée and get out at the stop "Neuenburgstrasse" or "Räblus Vingelz". As you get out, you're already on the main road that is going to Neuchâtel and the motorway A5. Cars can stop on the bus lane. Perfect!


The only hostel in town is the Lago Lodge and located at the lake. It has beds from CHF 28/EUR 18. The reception times are 7:00-11.30, 14:00-22:00. Phone +41 32 331 3732, email [email protected]

There is a squat called LABIU, with guestrooms. It is located 5min from the main trainstation, at the Wydenauweg 38/40. Labiu Homepage

There is another squat called "Chez les voisins" with place to sleep and Volksküche on Friday, at Falkenstrasse 6. Take bus 1 direction Eisbahn/Patinoire, and stop at station Falkenstrasse. You will see a garden with small house, mobil homes and more, just in the corner of the main street. Chez les voisins homepage

Try also hospitality networks like, hospitality club, couchsurfing

Cities in Switzerland with more than 30.000 inhabitants

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30.000–100.000: Biel/BienneChurFribourgKönizLa Chaux-de-FondsLuganoLuzernNeuchâtelSchaffhausenSt. GallenThunUsterVernierWinterthur