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Bastia is a city in Corsica.

Hitchhiking in & out

Is quite easy, the city is very widespread though so you may need to walk a lot to get out.


From the port, depart every day (in every season, you can imagine in summer..) ferries to Toulon, Marseille, Nice, in France and Savona, Genova and Livorno in Italy. The ferries can't be hitchhiked (legally) since the truck ticket are not paid by vehicle but per person, the only way you'll have if you want to take it for free, will be illegally. In theory you can't access the harbour and the embarquement places without a valid ticket and a document, if you enter the regular passenger on foot entrance, you will be asked.. In practice..just walk behind it, following cars/trucks entrance (not all the way since there will be crew asking cars) and you will very easily find a place to get the place where cars and trucks wait in queue to enter the ferry. Alternatively you can also wait in front of the passenger entrance and ask people though you might be more visible. Truck drivers are not really willing to sneak you inside their cabin since they are afraid (and apparently, rightly) to be searched denounced etc..and will send you to cars and vans, which most often will send you back to trucks..the only way you have to leave (or enter) Corsica for free, as most of times sneaking inside a ferry, is finding the right person and be lucky.. There is plenty of ferries every day (minimum 4 per day in winter) with a huge variety of vehicles, so if you are patient for sure you'll find the right one. Forget about walk inside and not being noticed the entrance is checked by at least 4-5 different staff members which will notice you and ask you the ticket.. Once the vehicles are already in queue most of times they won't be asked again entering the boat so you can really secure your driver about this though of course it is dangerous also for him/her if they catch you and is not easy finding somebody ready to risk for you. If you consider paying the ticket, keep in mind that French destinations (see above) are usually so much cheaper than Italian ones even if the trip is longer and the distance is bigger..crazyness of our times where a flight cost less than a train.. On a hot sunny day, enf of March (2014), after having wait 8hrs at the port and asked any single person in each car receiving NOs every time, Fede very tired, decided to pay the ticket till Toulon and not increase his already big negative karma and spite it was more than possible waiting there till the day after.

Accommodation and Sleep

There are mountains and hills very close to the city which can be easily reached on foot to find a nice wildcamping spot

Other useful info

At the port there is free wifi available. It lasts 2 hrs but you can ask for a new code after until the info desk is open. No free left luggage there and security warns you each time you leave your pack unattended