Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

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Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
<map lat='52.31' lng='4.762' zoom='12' view='0' country='Netherlands'/>
Flag of Netherlands
Flag Noord Holland.png
Noord Holland
Major roads: A4/E19, A5, A9
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Schiphol is the main airport of The Netherlands, it is located 18 km south-west of Amsterdam.

It's easy to get rides into Amsterdam, and not hard to find someone to take you to different places in the Netherlands. The best spot to catch a ride is upstairs at the departures terminal; people will have space in their cars since they have just dropped someone off. You can either talk to people directly or stand at the end before the extended highway on-ramp begins; if the parking isn't extremely full someone will be able to stop there. A sign could help.

This airport is a good place to sleep (according to