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Volgograd is a city in south-west Russia. When traveling along the riverbanks, be aware of huge amounts of mosquitoes.

Hitching Out

South towards Astrakhan, Elista

Two options to start hitchhiking towards Astrakhan. The first option is to take the local train (at the main trainstation; go trough the tunnel on the left to the local train station) to take a train to Tatyanka-Yuzhnaya (Krasnoarmeyskiy region of Volgograd). From there the road to the south is only 600 meters. The train is however only two times a day. The second option is to take a marshrutka to Yubileyniy. It takes you all the way to the south of the city. It stops at a market, maybe you should get off a little bit earlier, but from there you can easily walk to the road. Ask for 'trassa'. There's a big road, with still some local traffic, but getting a car to Astrakhan oblast shouldn't be too hard.

North towards Moscow