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Vlorë is a city in Albania. It is a typical touristic place, yet has very nice beaches and a beautiful bay.

Hitchhiking out

North towards Durrës & Tirana

The two roundabouts aat A2, first at its start in the city, intersecting with Rruga e Paques, and the second one 1.5 km further down the highway, intersecting with Rruga Nikolla Xhuvelli, are very well suited for finding rides to the north. Particularly the second one gives cars much space to stop and with a sign you are very well visible.

South towards Sarandë

Catching towards south is a bit difficult comparing to north because the southern Albanian riviera is very touristic so it is difficult to catch free ride. What is more, there are many cars packed with kids going on holidays. However, the Llogara Pass on the way to Sarandë is definitely worth driving through it. Go to southern beach and walk by the SH8 catching until you reach city bus stop. When you arrive wait for ride there.

Better than walking, especially if someone drop you in the northern part of the city is to take a public bus (€ 0,25, every 30 min.) It starts from the bus station in the north and goes along the cost till the village Uji i Ftohte in the south of Vlore. Perfect spot where you avoid all traffic that goes within the city.

Places to avoid

Going out at late night on the beach. There are quite many chavy guys hanging around so for wild camping go far from the city centre on the northern beach which has some forest near by.