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Sarandë is a city in Albania. There are quite many tourists coming from island Corfu. Therefore, the prices are quite expensive comparing to the other cities in Albania. It is quite difficult to hitchhike out for free due to tourists and its location of city centre.

Hitchhiking out

North towards Vlorë Tirana

Walk a couple of kilometers south of the city, until you go in the gas station in Qafë Gjashtë. Also keeping walking to crossing of SH8 and SH99 can be a good idea as well.

South towards Greece

There are two ways to go in Greece, The one from Kakavia, thats leads to Ioannina, and the other that goes in Igoumenitsa. Going to Ioannina is way more easy, because there are more cars, so avoid the other road, except if your goal is Igoumenitsa (ex: if you want to take the boat to Italy).

East towards Gjirokaster

The best point is on the crossing of SH98 and SH99. The crossing is quite spacious with many cars going towards east so catching a ride should go quite smoothly. However, the only problem of this point is the distance from the city centre. It is around 3km uphill walk from the city centre so it can be good to take a taxi to this point.