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<map lat='45.466528' lng='12.3' zoom='11' view='0' float='right'/>
Flag of Italy
Population: 269,000
Licence plate: VE
Major roads: A4
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Venice is a city in Italy. The city itself is a collection of islands. You will probably arrive and leave through Mestre.

Hitching Out

Hitching out of Mestre is really hard. There is a roundabout with a petrol station very close to the highway in Marghera that looks good on Google Maps but is very bad, at least for going East.

(You might want to try taking bus #14 towards the highway.)

Take bus 2 to the last stop, Viale don Sturzo, go to Via Vallon and go to the end of the street where you will find a small path leading to the AGIP fuel station on the highway.

Where to Stay

Venice offers a wide range of accommodations. A cheap and still confortable possibility is the Bed and Breakfast solution.

Bed and Breakfast

Public Transport

You can get bus tickets for local buses for 1,10 euro (in the bus they cost 1,80 euro). The boats to get to other islands are ridiculously expensive (6,50 euro for 1 hour). You could risk going without a ticket on one stop, the fines are around 40 euro.

A train ticket from VE Mestre to Venice Santa Lucia costs 1 euro. There at the Venice S. L. railway station you can leave your bags (left-luggage) for 4 euro per bag for 5 hours (prices checked: july 15th 2009).