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Valparaiso is a city in Chile.

Hitching out

Going North

Take a bus to La Ligua in Valparaiso or in Av. Libertad (Viña del Mar) and ask the driver to let you in the "peaje el melón" just before the tunnel and like 10 minutes after La Calera, then just wait in the tool gate for a truck or a car.

Going South

Take a bus in Valparaiso to Placilla or in Viña to Placilla (406) and leave the bus in the entrance of placilla, then walk like 500 meters to the last gas station (copec - there are 3 gas station) always walking neart the highway and after the copec there is a curve were all the trucks leave the city and it is very easy to catch a truck over there, not all the trucks go to Santiago so try to take one to Santiago, and leave the truck in some gas station in RUTA 5 (south direction) after Americo Vespucio (another highway)