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Hi Speckmade! Welcome to the Hitchhike Wiki and thanks for your additions! Guaka 14:12, 19 June 2006 (UTC)

Maybe you can write a bit about yourself on your userpage (or at least link to your user page on the German wiki). I don't like to see so many red links in the recent changes ;) But well, I love your eye for detail, it makes our articles look even nicer! guakasite, wikitalk 17:23, 13 October 2007 (CEST)

 :-)--Speckmade 17:24, 13 October 2007 (CEST)
Now at least you don't have a red link anymore...--Speckmade 12:06, 14 October 2007 (CEST)
Hey, great work done the last night ;) Keep on working.. :) Greetings, platschisite, wikitalk 12:16, 14 October 2007 (CEST)
Yeahhea! DIY! Hitchwiki is the best hitchhiking ressource if we make it the best!
Thanks for the feedback!--Speckmade 12:23, 14 October 2007 (CEST)