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Trois-Rivières is an historic city of Canada and the third biggest city of Quebec in term of population. It is located at halfway between Quebec city and Montreal on the North shore of the St-Lawrence and create a natural cuts on the journey as highway A-40 goes directly through its centre and it is also the only possible crossing point between Quebec city and Montreal to pass on either side of the St-Lawrence river, this is possible by crossing the 'Pont Laviolette' on highway A-55.

Being a important centre along the way, many people might either stop here during the journey either to have a lunch or simply because it is their destination. It is therefore important to pay attention to be left at a decent spot depending of the direction you're heading at. Trois-Rivières is also the crossroad between A-40 (Quebec - Montreal) and A-55 (Sherbrooke - Lac-St-Jean), but the major highway project for the city has never been completed and therefore A-40 is incompleted while crossing this city. Every traveller must then take A-55 for about 6km before heading again East-West, this is an important element to take in consideration about where to get left.