Tips for hosting hitchhikers

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Hosting hitchhikers can be a nice experience.

It's hard for some hitchhikers to know when they will be arriving. If you regularly host hitchhikers, expect cases of someone ringing your door bell in the middle of the night. For some hitch hikers more difficult than being on time the arranged day, is arranging the day at all once when they started to travel. The magic about hitchhiking is the spontaneous world that opens up and the endless chances and possibilities. Hitchhiking means to travel off the beaten track, schedules, tickets. Hitchhiking is the chance for something new – people, talks or ideas - and some people love losing themselves in there.

File:Romania-lien in romania.JPG
Magic on the road: randomly meeting your roommate 2000km away from home

Concluding it can be said that for some hitch hikers it might be hard to know when they arrive, for others - once when they have fixed the day they come, even it may be one day in advance - they know when they arrive on the minute. Ask your possible hitchhiker guest what kind he is and what you have to expect, then it will be a nice experience.

Oftentimes there's no public transport going to good hitchhike spots, so if you have a car it will be really appreciated if you offer to drop your hitchhiking guest at a good spot to leave town.

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