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amylin riding in the back of a hitched pick-up truck from Chiang Rai to the Laos border in Thailand.

Thailand is a wonderful hitchhiking country - but you have to be persistent. People are not familiar with the concept of hitchhiking and they always want to drop you off at a bus station.

In buses you have air conditioning - way too cold and you have to watch B-class movies on the video screen. Hitching you don't have to freeze and you can get acquainted with locals and some foreigners too. They don´t ask money for the rides but if a someone not so rich offers you a long ride, would be polite to offer him a lunch if you can afford it.

However, 3rd class trains are really cheap (48 Baht from Bangkok to Aranyaprathet, which is 6 km from the Cambodian border), and it might be inconvenient to get to a good hitching spot when you're leaving Bangkok.