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Phuket is an island of Thailand. It's nice tropical place. Hitchhiking would be awesome were it not for the notorious taxi mafia, that band together with the corrupted police. In touristy areas almost any car will double as a taxi. When hitchhiking in Phuket you have to have to specify at least 3 times that you are not going to pay. "No money", "no taxi", "free ride", rinse and repeat.

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The taxi mafia also causes heavily inflated prices so if you probably don't want to take a cab, ever. If you want to avoid the hassle it's probably best to rent a motorcycle for 200 baht a day.

Personal experiences

guaka (talk) had a nasty experience with a guy who suddenly wanted 500 baht for a short ride. He then actually called the police. The corrupt police was actually ready to go to the police station so guaka (talk) settled with paying 400 baht (100 baht was not enough). (This was after 4 very nice rides across the island, including a free veggy dinner in a restaurant.)

I have spent the good part of 3 months in Phuket, getting only around via hitch hiking and have not had a single problem in this entire time. I have even been picked up by off duty taxis and tour bus, just always repeat no money a few times up front and there should be no misunderstanding. Most people speak some sort of English and waiting time is normally not to long, I just simple walk in the direction I'm headed with my thumb out as I go and within a short time I will have a lift.

Hitchhiker François Gobert; I was leaving Phuket for a hitchhiking trip untill Malaisia! I saw on the map that the main road near the airport would be a good spot and I was right! Just the way to get out of the city is a bit painful but once you're on those large roads, it is all good! I took a blue city shuttle (which is a wooden style bus) to the Terminal 1 where I jumped on the Shuttle for the airport. It costs me 100Bhat for the airport Shuttle. From there, I walked 45 minutes along the road parallel to the runway to the main road. I started from there and got picked up till the Bridge where I had a very good spot at the police checkpoint to ask for a ride... All cars slow down and I got picked up in 2 minutes. Some tips; always make sure with people that you don't have to pay anything. Be smiley and you'll never wait more than 10 minutes... Thai people are soooo nice with foreigners and they know about hitchhiking! Hitchhiking in Thailand was my best HH experience!