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'''12th of December''' - [[Switzerland]] is finally in the [[Schengen Agreement]], and long existed cross-border passport checks are on their way to be abolished. The land border checkpoints are to be closed from this day, though people entering the country would have their passports checked until March 29, 2009, if they originate from a Schengen nation.
'''13th of November ''' - There is a call for participants for the [[Eurizons 2008: A Call for Climate Justice]]: Hitchhiking Campaign to the COP 14 (5.-6.12.08) and exhibition 'Voices from the South' in Poznan. - Check it out now and join!
'''3rd of November''' - We now added [[Hitchwiki:To-do list|to-do lists]]  for articles. If you think an article needs some cleanup, if you want to request specific information, or other things that could be on a ''todo'' list, then check out this template: [[Template:ToDo|todo template]]. If you want to add a todo-list, just go to the ''Talk'' page of an article (click ''discussion'' on top of the article) and type in <code><nowiki>{{toDo}}</nowiki></code>.
'''30th of October''' - [http://trashwiki.org/ Trashwiki] was started in the week that the English Hitchwiki reached 1000 articles.  It has  the same free-minded spirit and is focused on [[dumpster diving]] (conceptually similar to hitchhiking).  Today we reached 60 articles!
'''19th of October''' - A regional hitchhikers gathering in [[Argentina]] in the weekend of the 10th of October brought together 30 participants <small>[http://www.followtheroad.com/en/hitch-hikers-meeting-in-la-dulce-argentina.html report]</small>.
'''16th of October''' - The voting for next year's [[789]] meeting is open now! Log in at the [http://www.hitchwiki.org/forum forum] and vote for your [http://hitchwiki.org/forum/?q=content/where-do-you-want-789-take-place favorite destination].

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