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Personal Experiences

I notice that there is a section, by an anonymous editor from 2005, which discusses how he was "homosexually harassed"... and goes on to say that he "does not forgive such".... Erm, ok, I can understand the need to provide information on experiences, especially when that relates to a potential safety situation... however I'm amazed the text has survived in it's present form for so long. It sounds like someone who didn't know how to handle being hit on, rather than someone who was in any real danger. Look, I have been hit on by Moroccan men, and, for that matter, by Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian and British men... I just make a little joke about how 'my girlfriend wouldn't approve', and that's always been the end of the matter... so YES to information pertaining to the possibility of a minority in certain less liberal cultures seeing European or American guys as more open minded and maybe taking this kind of banter just a little too far... but NO to spurious anecdotes from a bigot who freaked out when a guy (whether a policeman or not) found him attractive... What are everyone's thoughts on this?