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let the discussion begin...

No covid-19 scenario - an open Europe!

Let's try to move the discussion from Facebook to here!

Summary of facebook discussion: - No actual suggestions of locations. People wish for Georgia, Balkans, Western Europe.

Summary of mailing list discussion: - None

Covid-19 scenario - free movement is comprimised

In the case that the covid-19 crisis has not passed by August, let's discuss alternative ways have the hitchgathering. Please edit this section!

Proposals (add your own) Zoom gathering: I know it would totally not be the same and that it sounds lame and boring... However it's better than nothing, isn't it? - Mette

National gatherings: The borders may still be closed for unnecessary travel, but it seems that some countries are loosening up a bit now already and by August it might be allowed to have small outside gatherings (<50) in many countries. We could make multiple small gatherings, at least then you would get to hang out with hitchhikers that are also currently in the same country as you. We could still do it simultaneously and have daily videochats between the gatherings and send lots of pictures. - Mette

Summary of facebook discussion (please update) We could postpone the gathering In case a gathering could be hold, we should follow the WHO guidelines.

Summary of mailing list discussion (please update) None