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At the Hitchgathering 2019 in Denmark we discussed and reached a consensus to use hitchwiki as the main communication platform to organise the hitchgathering. --Tobias (talk) 18:24, 20 August 2019 (UTC)

Facebook group guidelines


The facebook group was created after HG4 (Lithuania, 2011) as a way for poeple that went to HG to keep in touch. It has evolved into a hitchhiking and travel topic group.

Group description

Current one

A Facebook group to constantly reunite the family of hitchhikers. Tie valuable contacts, keep in touch with old friends, inform others of hitchhiking-related news, find travel partners, organize events and contribute to a creation of a better world.

Main event of the year:

For general questions regarding moneyless travelling, please check, and

If you're looking for a hitchhiking friendly host, try and

If you want to reach also the people that are not in Facebook you can join the mailing list :

Please note: In this group discriminatory or disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated. Comments of this kind will be removed and can lead to exclusion from this group. Be kind and aim for understanding when dealing with others in the hitchhikers' family, as you would if it was face-to-face conversation.

Commercial posts will be deleted and can lead to banishment.

How to make the description better

  • It's way too long! No one ain't reading that ever. The discrimination bit should be turned into a group rule (there's a section for that). Same for the "commercial" thing, though it needs to be less vague. Sitarane (talk)
  • The mailing list is outdated. Remove. I believe we shouldn't post the mailing list in the FB group. The list can't deal with 1000s of curious FBers Sitarane (talk)
  • We should mention that HG is a European thing. Because it is. Sitarane (talk)


You can display group "rules" on the facebooks. We currently have none. If we decide on guidelines, we should totally display them as group rules.

Here are the topics discussed already in the admin group (without consensus):

Is it OK to post links to your blog, vlog, fuckstagram, other? What if the blog has ads? What if the writer is clearly trying to make money with that blog. What if the writer is an influencer? Where is our line here?

  • I would draw the line quite low, at the point where the poster explicitly asks for money, upvotes... Argument: I want to limit our policing activity to the lowest possible. No one likes the police. Or being the police. Sitarane (talk)

How often is it OK for someone to post a link to the same website (self or not)?

Where do we draw the line for unrelated posts

Below are a list of borderline hypotheticals. Please weight in on whether or not we should allow them

Are hospitality requests OK?

Are cheap hostels suggestions OK?

"Can you fill this survey for my master thesis?"

"Please donate to this cause"

  • No. Argument: too unrelated. Plus, we don't have money! Sitarane (talk)

"You should volunteer for this cause"

  • Yes. Arg: volunteering is part of the lifestyle? I'm not too sure on this one. Sitarane (talk)

"You know any seasonal job I could get paid for this summer"

"Donate to my crowdfunding"

[Does anyone know about any of those free cabins that are scattered around Norway, that are near Bergen, and relatively easily accessible, without too much hiking?](

  • I can't explain why, but to me it's a definite YES. Though it's really really unrelated. Sitarane (talk)

I'm going on a road trip, anyone wants to join and share the expense?

Add borderline cases for unrelated...

Guideline Suggestions

  • No discrimination, blablabla
  • Don't post links to your stuff more often that 2 months

Other ideas?

Pre-join Questions

If you're an admin, you can require people who request to join your group to answer up to 3 questions. Questions are limited to 200 characters. subaculture 1. What is the main activity discussed on this page? 2. Have you been to/ intend to visit a HH. 2. Wil lyou be respecful and promise not to spam?


In order to better understand the makeup of the group, I suggest we run the following survey:

  • I've been to HG
  • I haven't been but I plan to
  • I haven't been and I'm currently not planning on going (for whatever reason)
  • WTF is HG? (don't worry, we'll explain)

Depending on how many people are actually into the gathering, we can decide better how to deal with some behaviours.