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i'v delated north poland out of the north/baltic title - i wanted to used this rout to get to szczecin (stetin)i lost 3h cuz u need to get the to the next highway to the right


I'd like to change the description of Rastätte Michendorf because it's defenetely not a hitchhiker's heaven! I've tried hitching to east twice and after 3-4 hours all I got was a ride back to Berlin, where I was coming from! I've heard the same kind of stories from other hitch hikers too. I've tried hitching with a sign, without a sign, asking the people...There's not that much traffic through the gas station and most of the people are old couples and families who stare at you with disgust on their faces or ignore you totally. There's a police station right next to the gas station, maybe people are afraid to pick up hitchhikers because of that, I don't know...DOES ANYBODY KNOW ANY BETTER HH-SPOT??