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Clean-up of Berlin page (March/April 2020)

With the corona virus upon us, I'll have some spare time soon and will use it to update most, if not all sections of this article: Fixing typos, removing public transport prices (they change every other year so it's better to just mention which zones you should buy a ticket for) and the like. All contributors and fellow hitchers: Feel free to provide your input towards this. --Raureif (talk) 20:01, 20 March 2020 (UTC)

Recent edits (March 2020)

Hi there, pinging user Dxc in particular.

1) If you look closely, I did add a map for walking to Raststätte Am Fichtenplan - new thumbnails are currently not showing. I've notified one of the admins of this issue, but don't expect a quick solution. Either way, I don't think it's a good idea to add things like "add a map pls" on the actual page, it should be on the Talk page (right here) instead. Not to mention that this something entirely optional: Most contributions on Hitchwiki do not have walking maps.

2) Why all the spaces/breaks between the sections of the article? It doesn't look nice and is non-wiki standard. I'm inclined to undo your edit, but feel free to comment first.

3) Why did you add "wild camping" at Adlershof? As written before, this area is being developed as business park. Almost all trees and bushes have been removed, it's next to impossible to camp there and not being seen by someone - some city parks would even be better for this. --Raureif (talk) 20:01, 20 March 2020 (UTC)

Raststätte Grunewald open again?

Hi, i was wondering if the great hitch-spot to Leipzig was okay again. Seems as if the Autobahn has been finished: I might try it this weekend.

Not pickup after 6 hours in Airport Berlin-Schönefeld

I wanted to go to Usti nad Labem (after Dresden). I was at the airport. I arrived there around 12pm. I waited, waited. I trusted this place because on hitchwiki it was written that it's the best place to go to Dresden. The only traffic sign was Dresden by highway and I had a big sign Dresden. I was confident to find a lift. I waited, waited, a lot of cars, nobody stopped. I tried without sign, then 2 cars stopped but they were not going in the right direction. After 6 hours I finally gave up and went back to Berlin where I was sleeping before.

On the evening I was so disappointed, I looked everywhere. I looked for liftsharing, for train. I finally chose liftsharing for Dresden and wanted to hitchhike the rest. I tried to call 4 persons: 2 didn't answer, 1 was full and the last didn't speak English... Then I didn't have a choice: Hitchhike again.

I looked on hitchwiki and saw the spot for go to Leipzig. I wanted to go to Dresden by Leipzig. But I noticed that there are two petrol stations, one for the west direction and another for the east direction.

Then I went on the petrol station on the east direction where of course most of the people go to Berlin, then I found somebody in 20 minutes to go to the next petrol station, then somebody to go a bit in the direction of Dresden quite quickly, then somebody for go to Dresden easily too. I think I will remove this place near the airport and tell to use this petrol station. It's much better. Any objection?


The airport spot indeed is not very good, but you should be flexible as well when hitching. Taking a ride to the next on-ramp could probably help you more than neglecting rides and wait until 'the one' is going to Dresden. Other details, what weekday was it? But yes, Schoenefeld spot is not one of the best. Once I hitched there to get west to Hannover, took a ride east to Poland, switched sides at the first on-ramp (K-Wusterhausen) and then hitched on there along ramps to Michendorf.
Michendorf is probably the one you mention about cars going west and east. If you had a look on the map, you would see that there's a highway split just behind Michendorf going west (Hanover) and south (Leipzig, Munich). This service station _is_ perfect for hitching south, all the times I was there I got ride offers to at least Leipzig or Munich. Maybe it just wasn't your day? Also, the one in direction east is pretty okay, there should be some Polish dudes going to Poland, so you could have taken a ride there on to the next service station before the A10/A13 split. Though most cars go to Poland, rides direction Cottbus are pretty common. So it actually is possible, but as mentioned before, you probably just chosed a bad day for hitching. Good luck further on on your trips! --Platschi 10:00, 21 June 2010 (UTC)
I would not delete the airport as an option. I would add that it does not always work there. Michendorf can be mentioned more clearly as a spot for southeast as well. --Kb 00:02, 23 June 2010 (UTC)
Ah, I decided to just do it the way I suggested (like this). If you think it needs to be clearer, you can still change it the way you think it's right. --Kb 00:29, 23 June 2010 (UTC)

Yesterday I've waited 4 hours there. I've tried everything : Dresden, A13, no sign. two guys stopped when I had no sign, but were going in another direction. He told me that the next gas station was after the crossing (berliner ring / a13) so I didn't get in the car. Today I'm gonna try the ikea parkinglot. sebastien

Same for me, it was a Tuesday. There was already a couple there when we arrived who stayed there for 3 hours. We changed with them and stayed there 3h again, We always had a Dresden sign though. Then we decided to move to Michendorf and got a ride towards Leipzig within 5 mins instead. (Our final destiny was Vienna, what we managed to reach on the next eve). Raffael

Last week, middle of july, my nice looking girlfriend and I also waited a few hours. With or without sign no luck. Eventually we walked back to the airport and took the bus to Dresden. (around 15 euro pp)


I hitchhiked from this spot two times. One time i hold the sign "CZ". The car with CZ plates stoped in 20 minutes. So i went to CZ. Another time i was heading to Poland. I hold PL sign. I was taken in 30 minutes to the border of Poland. So, guys, maybe it depends.

correction: way to Poland

i'v delated north poland out of the north/baltic title - i wanted to used this rout to get to szczecin (stetin)i lost 3h cuz u need to get the to the next highway to the right

Bus #263 from Grünau S-Bahn

I read on Ikea's website that this bus goes to the Ikea mentioned in the article; that is near the gas station [1]. So I took the bus, and as the map implies, I expected the bus would go all the way to the Ikea. However, the bus ended some 3km from the Ikea at the end of Berlin and at the end of a residential area (edit sebastien **Waltersdorf / Stadtgrenze**). I think it did not go all the way because of the fact that when I did this it was a holiday. When I was approaching the mall, I saw a Metro and the petrol station in question on the other side of it. I do not know if it is possible to walk through the Metro because the entrance gates were closed. (edit : sebastien **it's impossible to go through the Metro parking place, except by jumping over an uncomfortable fence***)I ended up walking around and behind the mall which includes the Ikea, a Toys R Us, etc. Once there I walked over a bridge and towards the autobahn and I walked alongside the autobahn for 1km to reach the petrol station. I think if it is not a holiday there is a better way to get to this petrol station using bus #263.

(Elizabeth 11:20, 25 March 2008 (CET))

On a week day on the line 263 (from "grünau" s bahn station to "bohnsdorf / waldstrasse") 1/2 or 1/3 of the bus go further than the last top in berlin (waldstr / stadtgrenze). If you don't want to walk to the next stop (3km) you don't wait more than 40min to have a bus that rides further. (no more bus in both direction after 8 or 8.30pm

I've stopped at "waltersdorf Gaspumpstation" (the one right after stadtgrezne). I've walked back for 10 meters, and found an opening in a chain fence. I've walked through the field and got to the opposite gasstation. I've crossend the road to get to the right one. If you want to avoid such danger, ride for two more busstops, get out at "Waltersdorf Lilenthalstr." and cross the bridge a little further right ahead on the right.

You can ride with people who go to the west after the crossing "Waltersdorfer Dreieck". the first gasstation is 7km after the crossing. Then you can cross the highroad on a bridge to head to the south.



While I was doing a sort of structural cleanup, I've seen some tips that seem outdated or a bit unclear (Tempelhof for instance), but I'm too tired to fix this now. --Kb 00:05, 27 September 2009 (UTC)

South towards Dresden, East towards Frankfurt (Oder) needs a clean-up, since it has been re-edited several times. It is not easy to read through, since one opinion defeats another. It would be nice if known Berlin hitchhikers could help to make the situation clear how it is to use the mentioned spots as of now. Thanks! Pathofdhamma 08:09, 26 October 2011

Rasthof Stolper Heide

I attempted the directions that were there previously and not only was the direction listed (go right) after crossing the motorway bridge entirely inaccurate, it was if the directions described a different walk entirely - but only after the motorway bridge. I have corrected it, and this can be confirmed by searching for the Rasthof on Google maps and following my directions in reverse. I can confirm that this service station is an excellent place to get a lift.

Using the Rasthof Michendorf for getting east towards Poland or Dresden

I was hitchhiking out of Berlin to Warsaw in the summer'2014 and used the Rasthof Michendorf spot. I followed the directions and easliy found the green emergency door. Then I couldn't figure how I should get east towards Poland, the second paragraph in 'Rasthof Michendorf' chapter just makes no sense. I went back and tried to walk through the wood then I went on the side of the autobahn hoping that eventualIy I would reach the mentioned rest area so finally the cops stopped and took me to some (other) rest area. I just want someone who used that route to correct that part of the text so everyone can find the mentioned tunnel etc.

The description was indeed a bit confusing, so I have updated it. Just for helping your further, you do not need to enter the door of Michendorf Nord, if you are heading east or southeast. But the description was too confusing! Love, --Fverhart (talk) 18:50, 29 March 2015 (CEST)