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Suwałki is a city in northeast Poland along the E67 "Via Baltica". It is a transit point between the Baltic countries and Poland and the last major settlement before the Lithuanian border.

Hitchhiking out

North towards Lithuania E 67

When arriving from Augustow, if driver doesn't go any further than Suwałki, a great spot to get out is immediately at the beginning of town. At the first roundabout, all traffic for Lithuania is taking the first exit, which is followed by a huge bus stop immediately. A sign (LT) will be very helpful and you should usually catch rides to Kaunas or further here easily. This spot is also perfect for night hitchhiking. There's a petrol station as well for the communicative hitchhiker, but it is definitely worth hitchhiking at the bus stop as all traffic coming from the South passes here.

It could be also an idea to hitch at the end of town at the two-lane road, though traffic is much faster there already and the author of this article currently has no idea if there are any good spots for hitchhiking.

South towards Augustow, Warszawa E 67

At the end of town, at the roundabout described above, there's some space to stop cars going south, but little light available, depending on the spot/visibility you want to choose when hitchhiking at night.