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1) Take the tramway #4 or #13 to direction ''Liebenau'' and get out at the station ''Murpark''. There go back to the bus station along the motorway – there you can be seen from far distance and there is place to stop and go easy...Also there are a few gas stations along the way you go with the tram.
:(''Tried'':) [[User:ESko|Esko]] says: This is not the best place, since there are three lanes on this road, the two inside lanes are for cars going out of Graz and the third is mainly for buses, so in most cases the driver who wants to stop needs to cross at least one line. ESko tried this spot last year (2015) and had to wait over one hour until he luckily got a lift. This year (2016) he headed the same way and found the previous bus station - Dr Lister Gasse - much better. It took only 10 minutes till he got a car to Vienna, since there is plenty of space to stop and drivers can see you from faraway. Take the tramway #4/13 and get off at Dr Lister Gasse.
2) If you like it more to ask people at the petrol station directly you can go with the Tram number 6 from jakominiplatz to Schulzentrum St. Peter and from there you take the bus 72 to "messendorf heimgarten". wlak along the street 200m more and you find two gas stations. Loads of people go there to buy cheap gas because the highway is just a little bit farer along the street.