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=== North towards [[Salzburg]] and [[Germany]] ===
Take the bus #52 bus heading north from ''Hauptbahnhof'', the main train station. After 10-to 15 min minues get off at the ''Shopping Nord'' on ''Wiener Strasse''. This road leads into the E57 (=A9). There are many cars and places for drivers to pull over. At the traffic light, it is really hard for people to stop, so it is better to walk down the road until you find somewhere for people to pull in, though it is hard because people drive quickly.
Alternatively there is a Shell garage where Grabenstrasse meets Bergmangasse, road number 67a. It is about a 15min 15 minute walk north from the city park. It is easy to get a ride from there heading north and onto the A9. It's an easy option that doesn't require any public transport.
Or if you want it very simple, you just walk a few hundred metres from the main train station to this [ bus stop] and hitch a ride from there north to the A9 (going to [[Linz]]).
You should try getting a ride at least until "Raststätte Deutschfeistritz", an OMW gas station. Although the gas station is located on the other side of the highway and most cars will be going in the direction of Graz, it is the first and best option to catch a ride on to Upper Austria and te A1/A8/A9 highway junction "Voralpenkreuz". If you are considering this option, make sure your driver is going by the taxed part of the A9 highway and does not drive around the part where the gas station is on by taking the S35.
== Public Transport ==
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