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2) If you like it more to ask people at the petrol station directly you can go with the Tram number 6 from jakominiplatz to Schulzentrum St. Peter and from there you take the bus 72 to "messendorf heimgarten". wlak along the street 200m more and you find two gas stations. Loads of people go there to buy cheap gas because the highway is just a little bit farer along the street.
=== South towards [[Slovenia]] and [[Italy]] ===1) Take the 32 bus south east to Trattfelderstraße. Just behind the stop is a bridge/overpass, with a ramp leading up. Carefully walk in the grass up to a traffic circle, where you'll see signs for any direction you want to go. There is a small shoulder right before the exit towards Slovenia, you can stand at the front of this area with your sign and get all the traffic heading towards Slovenia from this area. ‎
July 2015; ''[[User:Martinsltopf|Martinsltopf]] found the spot pretty tricky, and waited nearly 2hrs for a lift. Cars go fast and there is a merge right in front of the shoulder, which makes pulling over tricky. Also you get all the traffic to Vienna at the same spot. It might be useful to walk another 100m and exit the traffic circle towards Slovenia. There's a pretty wide emergency lane round the corner. It's probably the best spot for this direction regardless, but prepare to spend some time.''
''Also beware of ending up at the raststation at Gralla, in summer it is mainly families with their cars full, you might get stuck there for hours. ''
2) A small roundabout behind the Murpark shopping centre (and the P+R). Just stand at the corner with the car dealership. There will be a gas station behind you with plenty of room to stop. All the cars going onto the ramp must pass you and can see you clearly since they have to slow down at the roundabout (there's a tree for shade too!). We used a sign reading "Italy" and got a ride to [[Villach]] in 30 minutes (with a first car stopping after about 15 minutes and offering to take us to the first gas station on the Autobahn).
=== North towards [[Salzburg]] and [[Germany]] ===

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