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Sherbrooke is town in the Administrative Region of the Eastern Township (Estrie) in Quebec, Canada. The town developed in the early 19th century as a typical industrial town as manufacturers were attracted by the hydraulic power of the local rivers. Originally at majority anglophones (with its typical architecture), the town is now primarily a French-speaking city with a huge concentration of students frequenting the local colleges and two universities (Universite de Sherbrooke and Bishop's University).

Sherbrooke, the most important town located south of the St-Lawrence river and main service to the township, is situated in the heart of the Northern Appalachian ridge in the Magog River Vallee. The landscape surrounding the city makes of the Eastern Township a quite majestic and picturesque area to visit.

Sherbrooke is also situated about 50 km from the border to Vermont State and at the eastern end of the A-10 and nearby the North-South highway A-55 going up to Drummondville and Trois-Rivières down to the United States (Vermont).

Hitching Out

North (A-55) towards Drummondville, Trois-Rivières to the A-20 junction

South towards Magog, Vermont

Border Crossing Vermont, United States

West towards Montreal

Local hitching


South-East to Lennoxville

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