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Quebec has a particular but very comprehensive road network.

Quebec Motorways signs have two (2) numbers listed according to their general orientation. Therefore, Odd numbers mark a highways oriented North-South while Even numbers mark a East-West highway. These highways are usually of limited access for automotive traffic only with on-ramp and exits on most of their length. The number counts starts from the West and South extending East and North according to the pattern.

Hitch-hiking on Quebec expressways is de facto illegal but tolerated in certain areas, mainly rural. It is recommended to not hitch along the expressways in including the A-40 (A-440), A-13, A-15. Neither on the motorway junctions in Trois-Rivières or Quebec city (A-40, A,640)/(A-20) as these places are pretty dangerous and will less likely be tolerated.

In Quebec the Trans-Canada Highway does not have a full status as reflected in any other Canadian provinces, it is although still existing through parts of the A-40 around and most of the A-20 and the northern part of the A-15 throughout the province. The A-85 (Route 185) complete the infrastructure with New Brunswick.


Here is a list of the various motorways in Quebec:

North-South Highways (odd numbers)

East-West Highways (even numbers)

Highways - National and Regional Route

The motorway system is completed by a vast network of National and Regional Routes, which serves other cities or regions at far distance of the major motorway network. The numbering system for these route follow the same rule of odd and even numbers with the variation of including three (3) numbers.