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This is a newsletter for the participants and will be send out on the 23rd of July. Another newsletter is planned for the 1st of August.


Arrangements in Paris

Local meetings

Open Space day

copy-paste things from below.

On the 8th of August and as long as a week before, about sixty (and counting!) hitchhikers will team up to hitchhike to Paris to promote the idea of hitchhiking. Participants are hitchhiking from as far as Armenia, Russia and Finland. Other places of departure include Utrecht, Brussels, Berlin, Barcelona, Geneva, Rome, Athens, Istanbul, Budapest, Prague.

This project shows that the hitchhiking community is still very much alive. Each year thousands of people hitchhike all over the world; and in many countries it is still a common way of getting around. This is the first hitchhiking event of this kind. The goal is to suggest that it could be a great human experience to pick up a hitchhiker, share their car and exchange stories.

Participate in the first European Hitchhiking Day! Come and hitchhike to Paris on the 8th of August and also take part in the open space day on Saturday the 9th with the theme "How to life a nomad-life", on hitchhiking, sustainable travel and hospitality exchange (SHE/HER) with games, workshops, sharing of skills and knowledge exchange.

Practically we are still looking for 'some' help.

  • Organise a local meeting in your country/ city to welcome hitchhikers on their way to Paris, and promote this event in your own locality!
  • Help spreading the press-release in your country and be a contact-person for press to answer inquiries.
  • If you live in Paris, we would like to know if some of you would be interested in hosting. We could set up a pool of interested hosts, so everyone can contact you by themselves, or if you are more flexible set up something collective (all participants are members of either CS, HC or Bewelcome)
  • We would also like to know if there is any spot in Paris or close to Paris where we could go in the evening to camp (wild) or sleep in a park. Do you know?
  • We would like to know if there is any social center, gym, park where we could possibly stay over with the whole group for free (or a little fee). Do you know?
  • We are also making a documentary out of the whole event. If you are a filmmaker, please join! If you live in Paris, we are also looking for a place where we can hook-up laptops and upload film-material on the 8th of August (not to far from the Eiffel Tower).

For the 9th we plan an open-space day with workshops and discussion groups. The proposed theme for this day is 'The Modern Nomad', and we are looking forward to combine this with discussions and skill-sharing on how to be a nomad, hospitality exchange and sustainable travel. If you have skills to share and/or u want to learn from others, do come! Also, we are still looking for a location, so if you have suggestions, please!

Merci for your input & see you hopefully in Paris !

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