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Pingyao County is a city in China in Shaanxi Province. A small town located on the highway in between Xi'an and Beijing. It is very famous for its old town that dates back some 2,700 years. The entire center is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is beautiful enough to spend a day wandering around. You can walk around the old town for free within the city wall which is already amazing enough or you can buy a ticket to all sites of the old town for 150 RMB (Nov 2017).

Hitchhiking out

North towards Beijing South towards Xi'an

From the old town take the South East exit of the City Wall and always walk straight. The street will only do one slight turn to the left but just stay on that road for about 4km walking until you hit the highway. There is a bridge going over it too. You will see on your left two big service areas that go both South and North. The service area can also be found on

Accommodation and Sleep

There seems to be loads of space around the gas station and in the direction to pitch a tent but might be noisy.