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Panjakent is a city in Tajikistan, located on the way from Ayni to Samarqand.

Hitching Out

West towards Samarqand

There is a border control point located 10 km away from town, there is a minibus from market. Save your time, traffic is low.

Places to Visit

<map lat='39.487068' lng='67.620764' zoom='16' view='1' height='300' float='right' />

There is amazing huge archaeological cite of Old Zoroastrianiс Panjakent in southern part of town. Cite is located on the hill. Dated by 5-7th century. Available in 15 minutes afoot from center.

Other Useful Info

Border controls between Panjakent and Samarqand are most friendly among all Tajik-Uzbek border controls.


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