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<map lat='59.91648345450874' lng='10.78582763671875' zoom='10' view='0' float='right'/> Oslo is the capital of Norway.

abstorz is a dude, and hitched from Trondheim to Oslo and back in March/April. Both trips took one day. From Oslo he was able to hitch a ride onto the highway behind the tunnel in the area of Etterstad, but it can't be bad to get even further out of the city. Once on the highway everything went fine.

Hitching Out

If you want to get out of Oslo, you should definitely get behind the E6 tunnel, in the inner city it's worthless. There are several highway entrances behind the tunnel, the further out, the easier it get's. Around IKEA is the area where most trucks start.


You can also take the regional train going Ski and get off at Nordstrand station, one stop after Oslo-S. The ticket is 22 kr. although you can buy it on the train and they might not check. Once at Norstrand, turn left and go down the little hill. The large road with a lot of traffic is the E18. You can walk about 5-10 minutes in the direction of Oslo (turning right) to the Ulvøya Island crossroads. There is a bus stop right after a traffic light and you can get picked up quite easily. Have a sign and avoid anyone going in the direction of Stockholm.


If you want to go South (Göteborg, Stockholm) take metro no. 3 to Mortensrud and get off at the last station, then cross the bridge over metro track and walk for about 300 meters. You will enter petrol station on motorway E6. Ask drivers there. Very good spot!

West (Bergen)

To get to Bergen, take the local train out to Sandvika, from where you can either take a bus or walk along the road (quite a few k's) until it turns from dual carriageway to a simple country road, where you can just hitch along the side. Alternatively take the train to Honefoss, walk up the hill and out to the road, and there is an information point where it's easy for drivers to pull in- all traffic from Oslo to Bergen goes past this point.