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Flag of Germany
Coat of arms of Bavaria.png
Population: 502,491 (30 Sep 2007)
Licence plate: N
Major roads: A3, A6, A9, A73
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Nürnberg (English: Nuremberg) is a city in Germany.

For public transport the website is also available in english and has maps that show you all the bus stops, train stations etc. close to the spot you need to go. In buses you will usually need to show a ticket, rarely they check if it's valid, but you need to show something. Being caught without a ticket will cost you 60€.

But there is a Ticketfrei bot in Nürnberg to sousveill ticket controllers. If someone reported a ticket controller, you should probably buy a ticket. If not, you are probably safe. Read the usage guide here (german).

Hitchhiking out

A73 and then onto: A9 direction München, A6 Directions East (Prague) and West (Heilbronn, Stuttgart)

There is the Aral petrol station spot to get out of Nuremberg onto the A73 at entry/exit "Zollhaus". Cars will be going onto the A9 direction South (Munich etc.) and onto the A6 in both directions. The spot is Münchner Straße across the road from Burger King, you can get there by taking the bus 65 to "Bayernstraße". There is the exit lane to the petrol station after the big crossroads so cars can stop for you easily. A sign will probably help, since people here go in many directions.

A9 direction Berlin or München from the service station Feucht

It takes about an hour to get there, but from the Raststätte Feucht/Nürnberg (service station) South of Nuernberg you can easily hitchhike North or South along the A9. You'll have to take the S-Bahn for 15 minutes and then walk another 30-40 minutes to the service area.

From Nürnberg Hbf (the main train station) you take the "S2" to Feucht. When you leave the train station you follow "Bahnhofstraße" until you reach a roundabout where you turn right onto "Friedrich-Ebert-Straße". You follow this street until you reach the "Schwabacher Strasse" where you turn right again and continue straight. You'll cross a crossroads where you see a McDonalds on your left. Continue straight on "Schwarzenbrucker Straße" passing an industrial area until the road makes a turn to the left after which you'll turn right into "Am Brückkanal" - basically you continue straight. Now walk on straight until you reach the highway and the end of the parking of the service area. For Munich you'll have to take the tunnel to the other side, for Berlin you can stay on the side you are on.

A9 direction towards Berlin

You'll have to take the S-Bahn "S2" towards "Feucht" for 15 minutes until the stop "Fischbach". From there it is about a 2km walk along the expressway to the on-ramp onto the A9 where you can hitch under the bridge. Cars have enough space to stop behind you in the turn. You can also try to catch a ride to the on-ramp at the traffic light next to the station (or possibly onto the highway).

A6 Directions East (Prague) and West (Heilbronn, Stuttgart)

Take the U1/11 metro to Langwasser-Süd (southern terminus). From there walk straight to a crossroad with a traffic light, there turn left, walk along Liegnitzer Strasse, and then turn right to Gleiwitzer Strasse. Total walking distance is about 2 km till you see a bridge in 100 metres after the spot. If you're tired or lazy, you can also start hitching at Liegnitzer/Gleiwitzer crossing, you risk to wait longer though. There's also a bus line going that way, check out the map at the U station. When you go direction Prague, use a sign "Amberg". There will be the petrol station "Oberpfälzer Alb South" shortly before that city. So it's not a bad idea to wait for someone going across the border at the petrol station. Otherwise you can go with local traffic from Amberg to the border, hitching from one motorway entrance to another. In this case, you're likely to end up at Waidhaus, the last German village before the border. If you were dropped in the village, instead of going back to motorway, you can take local crossing, leading to the town of Rozvadov. Once the other side, cross the town and about a km further will be a motorway entrance with a huge petrol station.

A6 Direction East (Prague) (alternate method)

There is green space to wait just before the "Hans-Kalb-Str." bus stop and the bus stop gives cars space to pullover. There is a traffic light right beforehand so cars will be going quite slow and be able to see you. maps link. Not all the traffic hear is going East as there are a couple highway interchanges to leave the city so a sign is recommended. I held a sign reading "CZ" and got a ride within half an hour to the above-mentioned service station. I have not tried the above-mentioned strategy but I believe this one is good because it is closer to the city-center and traffic volume is quite high, and I saw several Czech license plates. There is also much less walking required as you can take the 44 bus directly to that stop, or take the S-Bahn S2 or S3 to the Frankenstadion stop and walk the very short distance from there

A3 direction South-East (Regensburg), (Passau) and (Austria)

From Nürnberg Hauptbahnhof take the S-Bahn in direction of Altdorf (b Nürnberg) and get off at WEST Altorf. The ticket costs 4.70€ but you can try to get on the train for free since it takes 20 minutes to reach WEST Altdorf. For my part, i haven't seen any controllers. From there walk uphill on Fischbacher Strasse for 300 meters, turn right on Schulstrasse Strasse for 300 more meters and turn right again on Nürnberger Strasse. It's the Boulevard leading to the A3 motorway going to Regensburg, Passau near the Austrian border and Linz. Walk along the boulevard for 200 meters where you can see BMW and Mercedes centers and until you see the motorway. Walk under the motorway and right after you'll see the entrance on your left. The spot is perfect to hitchhike and you can expect to get a lift in less than 25 minutes. Also trucks have more than enough space to stop.

A3 direction West and North-West (Würzburg, Frankfurt am Main and Kassel)

There's a service station called "Aurach" on the A3 between Erlangen and Herzogenaurach. From train station Nürnberg Hbf you can take a local train or S-Bahn to Erlangen train station, from there on take Bus 287 direction "Westfriedhof" - exit at last but one stop ("Sankt Michael" in Steudach). From there you can easily walk in 10-15 minutes to the petrol station (check spot on the map).


If you dont find any place to crash on you can take subway to the airport, it takes like 30 minutes to get there from centre. There are few really nice spots on benches without armrests, there is also free wifi and bathroom. Nobody bothered me there during night and also there was some other sleeping people.

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