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<map lat="68.98" lng="33.09" zoom="10" />
Flag of Russia
Region (oblast):
Flag of Murmansk Oblast.svg
Murmansk Oblast
Population: 299,148
Licence plate: 51
Major roads: M 18 E 105
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Murmansk (Russian: Мурманск) is a port city, located in the extreme northwest of Russia. It is the largest city within the Arctic Circle.

There's a very useful info about Murmansk on Russian page [1]]. Use a translator.

Hitching out

North-East towards Norway

Take bus #18 or trolleybus #4 from the train/busstation and get out at Dostoevskogo - one of the last stops before the buses return to the city centre. You can buy ticket in the bus.

A girl waiting for a ride toward Norway, close to the Russian mining town of Nikel'.

Although the Dostoevskogo stop will be announced via the speakers, it is recognizable from three small streetshops on the right side. Go out here. Walk a few meters down the road and you will see a recently built church on your right hand sight. Behind that church, you can see the Kola Bay and a huge bridge crossing that bay. This is the only in bridge around Murmansk over the Kola Bay and forms, therefore, the connection between the M18 highway with Murmansk.

Before entering the bridge, you will see traffic lights. This is a good place to put your thumbs in the air to get a ride towards the Norwegian border.

Duffajfka managed to go to Norway from Murmansk in August 2018 by hitchhiking to the petrifyingly industrial city of Nikel and then asking drivers of Norwegian cars at the last petrol station. They were allowed to cross the border for buying cheaper petrol and other goods without visa. It is forbidden to cross the border on foot or walk on the roads nearby.

Useful Info

Need Wifi? There's three good options: McDonalds (Works until 10 pm), the hotel Arktika (just sit in the lobby - noone will bother you. If what there's a bar that works until 2 am) and Моисей (it's a shopping center - at the street corner vis a vis the train station you can enter into a basement bar that is open 24/7 - address Komintern 9/1)

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