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Bayern > Munich
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Flag of Germany
Coat of arms of Bavaria.png
Population: 1,342,166 (30 Sep 2007)
Licence plate: M
Major roads: A8, A9, A92, A99
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München (Munich in English) is Bavaria's capital.

Hitching Out

North towards Nürnberg, A9

Take the Subway 6 to Studentenstadt. From there walk about 300 meter north on Ungererstraße until you are under a bridge. You will see signs for the highways. This leads directly to the A9, a quick and easy route to Berlin or Nürnberg. For i.e. Köln it is best to stop at the Rasthof Nürnberg/Feucht as the freeways converge here. To continue on A93, i.e. Regensburg and Dresden you can change the car at Rasthof Fürholzen some 30km north of Munich.

This spot is in the middle of big roadworks and not used anymore. I don't know when the roadworks are supposed to end. I had to walk 2 km north to the following access. Watch the map for alternatives. - Sitarane 09:16, 1 October 2008 (CEST)

Southeast towards Salzburg, Vienna, Innsbruck, Italy, A8

<map lat='48.17158081783167' lng='11.646' zoom='11' view='0' float='right' height='270' width='400' /> The A8 begins inside the town. A few hundred meters before the beginning, there is a bus stop, so enough place to stop. Take a subway to Karl-Preis-Platz or just walk from the town center along Rosenheimer Straße.

It's recommended to put Rosenheim on a sign, which is the next city along the motorway. Close to Rosenheim, there is a huge service area (Irschenberg), where you will surely get a ride to Austria.

South towards Garmisch-Partenkirchen, A 95

The best spot to start your hichhike is on Fürstenrieder Straße. There is a bus stop 200 metres after the crossways Würmtalstraße-Fürstenriederstraße. Cars can easyily stop there. Use a sign (A 95, or Garmisch). In the evenings you can try to get a lift at the traffic light at the crossways. Both spots are not really good but okay.

West towards Augsburg, Ulm, A8

Take a bus towards Blutenburg. This is located directly in front of a roundabout, where the A8 begins in direction west. Enough place for cars to stop in front of the roundabout. There's a lot of traffic, you also can try to ask people at the KFC that is located next to the spot.