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The road M 6 - "Caspian" is a 1383 km long motorway which connects the capital of Russia, Moscow, with Astrakhan at the Caspian Sea.

DPS (police) posts can be found at kilometre 209, 269, 342, 629, 664, 720, 786, 825, 888, 1142, 1211 and 1372.


DPS = police post АЗС = gas station


From Moscow to Astrakhan

The M6 begins at a junction with the M4, just behind a DPS post at Кашира (Kaschira), 115 km south of Moscow. From there, it is wise to take cars at least towards Тамбов (Tambov).

  • Михайлов (Mihailov) Good.png (good)
    • DPS and АЗС. Best to hitchhike behind the crossing.
  • Скопин (Skopin) Good.png (good)
    • DPS,АЗС, market and cafe at spot.
  • Ряжск (Ryazhsk) Bad.png (bad)
    • At junction to Ryazhsk traffic is fast, not advisable for hitchhiking.
  • Липецк (Lipetsk) Bad.png (bad)
    • At the new road towards traffic is fast
  • DPS at Oblast (region) border
  • Изосимово (Izosimova) Good.png (good)
    • At the village, there's a roadside market & TIR parking as well as several gas stations.
  • Мичуринск (Michurinsk)
    • Junction towards Michurinsk
  • Дмитриевк (Dmitrievkа)
    • Junction towards Dmitrievka
  • Липецкий мост (Lipetsk bridge)


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